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Online invoice creator tool

Quickly and easily create online invoices in minutes with the inBOLD Invoicing Generator Tool

inBOLD’s easy online interface is specifically designed for your small to medium sized business. Join thousands of users who are consistently ranking our pre-built and customizable invoices as the best in the business.

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Get Paid Faster

From your desktop, you can easily send an invoice to anyone. Our approachability and array of supported devices means you can reach more people and get paid quicker.

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Customizable Dashboard

Take action with inBOLD’s customizable dashboard. Quickly view your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) such as ‘Profit and Loss’, ‘Invoices Payable’, and ‘Business Expenses’, just to name a few, all on one screen.

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Insightful Reports

Real-time reports can be generated on the fly to view growth and gain critical knowledge about your business’ performance.

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With our workflow tools, you can make a limitless number of complex business rules. These include sending emails, generating reports, attaching PDFs, and much more

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