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Online survey tools

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Online Survey Questionnaire

How do you reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers in a day? Easy, create a survey! Online survey questionnaire give you the power to reach all of your customers simultaneously and have been proven to be effective and efficient at collecting data.

With inBOLD’s custom form builder you can easily build your own online survey questionnaire in minutes or choose one of our numerous templates.  Want to customize the look and feel of your surveys? Simply add your company name, logo, colours, and images with our drag-and-drop feature. You can even create your own survey URL and send respondents to a promotional landing page upon survey completion.

If you are ever unsure of anything, we have detailed video tutorials on how to do just about everything!  In addition, our technical support team is always happy to assist you. Just look to the bottom right-hand corner of your screen for help.

Send your surveys through a mailing list, share them on your social media accounts or on our mobile app

Fast data collection

Do you have a new product and want to know what your customers think of it?

Create a survey, publish, and send it out via your mailing list or social media accounts. Then just sit back and let the responses pour in. It’s that easy! Or better yet, give your customers a discount incentive and watch the number of responses skyrocket.

To give your surveys the widest reach possible, we’ve developed a mobile app to make it easy to communicate with your customers at all times. This powerful tool allows you to interact with your customers even when they are away from their computers, whether they are commuting to work, taking a lunch break, or just out for a walk. As long as they have their smartphones handy, they can take part in your survey!

Online Survey Questionnaire

Use our inBOLD analytics tool to help make intelligent choices

Easy and Accurate Analysis

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You’ve successfully acquired your data, now what?  It’s one thing to have the information, it’s quite another to know what to do with it. inBOLD analytics displays your data graphically in an easy-to-understand format, helping you to make a clear plan of action. Best of all, the data and graphs are generated in REAL TIME!

inBOLD also offers forecasting, a powerful tool to take your analysis a step further. Forecasting submits your information through our knowledge network, a compilation of patterns, results, and decisions from previous surveys, to produce intelligent suggestions that lead you in the right direction.

Now that you have an informed plan of action, go implement it!  But don’t forget to thank your customers for providing such valuable information.

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